Outlook 2013 PST Recovery Tool – A Comprehensive Tool To Get Rid Of Outlook Corruption Issues

Outlook 2013 PST Recovery Tool is a comprehensive tool which is made by using the latest and advanced scanning algorithms. This tool is an effort of the expert software developers which is based in latest technologies and capable to repair outlook corruption in easy way.


PST Repair Tool is really and upgraded tool which is not only capable to repair severe corrupted pst files but also capable to recover the deleted and formatted pst files.


Some time it is seen that if the huge amount of files are being repaired then it may take some more time to repair the pst files.


Outlook 2013 PST Recovery is really a best tool to get rid of outlook pst corruption issues. Apart from this tool there is no any tool which repairs and recover pst files securely. It is a best option outlook users have which helps them to repair their corrupted pst files back in easy way.

Scan able Outlook PST Files

Under so many circumstances pst files become corrupted and inaccessible. And the solution of al types of corruption is PST Repair Tool. It is a single tool having multiple features. The tool will repair your corrupted pst files even the files are over sized or have infected with the malware. If there is a problem in outlook application setting then the tool will also fix this. It also recover encrypted pst files and deleted pst files. No matter which versions of outlook application you are using the tool is compatible with all version of outlook including 2010 and 2013.

Efficiency in Repairing PST file

Outlook 2013 PST Recovery Tool is an efficient tool that comprehensively repair pst files even files are corrupted at extreme level. The latest versions of this tool is now available with the 30 % more scan engine which scans outlook folder and deep level and find outs all corrupted, inaccessible and lost pst files in easy way. There is no chance that corrupted files will not be repaired and recovered if you use this efficient tool to repair your corrupted pst files. The tool also efficiently fixes the outlook .dll error and all type of errors and corruptions. The tool also allows to to stop and resume your scanning process to see the result in the mid of scanning.

Striking features of the tool.

The tool is equipped with a bundle of features. From corruption to deletion, all in one solution this tool is. Once, you installed it in your computer again you will not have to think about pst corruption issues. It takes fews time to repair the corruption issues and make you able to access your inaccessible files again. Have a look of its salient features:

  • Pause and resume recovery process
  • Repair severe corrupted pst files and recovers lost pst files
  • Allows to recover selected items from the entire recovered items
  • Saves files in all formats like, RTF, MSG, EMK, PDF, etc.
  • Scans all files at a time and allows to recover it particularity
  • You can short recovered items and find any files by name or category
  • Files will never be lost or get damaged
  • Allows toggling between files
  • Shows description about files after recovery
  • Supports UNICODE and ANSI both

Along with these all there are so many features are in the Outlook 2013 PST Recovery Tool. When you use it, then you will become able to know its all powerful features.

Ease To Use Features of The Tool

PST Repair Tool comes with users friendly and with user interactive GUI with simple and cool buttons. You will not see any irritating and glossy button on its interface. There is no need to be a technical expert to use this tool, even a novice user can use this tool and repair their corrupted pst files in easy way. Actually, the tool is made for all outlook users to make them free from the pst corruption like worries. So, simple interface with powerful features are embedded in this tool. There are only seven steps you will have to follow when you use PST Repair Tool to repair your corrupted pst files. At first you need to download it in free and install the tool in your computer. It will take only few mints and then run the tool and browse the outlook folder which has to be scanned and then click on start scan. You will all the files in a new window. You can pause the process in the mid to see the recovered items and can again resume the process in easy way. After that you are allowed to selects the files which you have to restore and then choose a destination folder and save your files..

Help & Support

Although there is no need to any help and support like think while using Outlook 2013 PST Recovery Tool, even though out experts are always available for you all. If you are getting any problem regarding software downloading, installing or rearing the outlook pst files then you can easily contact 24×7 with our online help & supports center. Here, experts are always ready to help you and to give you suggestion to make your pst files safe and secure always.

Supported Outlook & Windows Versions

PST Repair Tool is made for the all versions of outlook users and windows users. So, you will not find nay compatibility issues even you are using outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and also 2013. The tool is also compatible with all versions of windows OS like, windows XP, Vista, 7 8 and windows 8.1. There is no need to worry about versions just free download Outlook 2013 PST Recovery Tool and use it, it will easily repair your corrupted pst files.

How to Repair Outlook PST File

Now, the term goes to know about how to repair corrupted pst files using the software. Let’s see the way to use this tool with software screen shots.

Step Wise User Guide:

Step 1:The 1st interface of the software will show and button as “Select Outlook Mailbox”. Click on it and select the folder which you have to repair and then click on “start”.

Step 2: In this step you will see the software is scanning the folder and process bar is showing the process. You can stop the process by clicking on “Stop” Button.

 Step 3: Here, you will see the recovered items in a left panel and when you will click on it the content of the file will be displayed in right panel.

Step 4: Select the desired file to save and choose your desired files and format then click on “OK”

Step 5: A process bar will run that will show your pst files are being saved. You are allowed to stop the process and perform it later.

Step 6: After completion of process you will see a message showing that your files have been saved. It will also show the destination location and description of the recovered items.

Then, why are you waiting for, just go for the Outlook 2013 PST Recovery Tool and get your lost files back in easy way.

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