Location Guide For scanpst.exe 2013

Are you using Outlook 2013 and unable to find the scanpst.exe, then you need not to worry because you are at the right place. This post contain all important informations related to scanpst.exe 2013 location guide. Like all the versions, Outlook 2013 also use pst file format to store users data which is an open file format and prone to corruption due to its excessive use. Microsoft provided sanpst.exe or inbox repair tool with every single version of Outlook so it is also available in Outlook 2013 as well. Unlike other version in Outlook 2013 it is more harder to locate it. Earlier versions of Outlook let you locate it quite easily but the recent version, click to run process is more enhanced and easy to use but it is not that easy to locate scanpst.exe manually.

Location Guide of scanpst.exe 2013

Scanpst for Outlook 2013 X32:

  • Windows x32 – C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15
  • Windows x64 – C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15

Scanpst for Outlook 2013 X64:

  • Windows x64 – C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15

Scanpst.exe locates itself in Outlook 2013 bellow the root directory of the install path:

  • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\root\office15\scanpst.exe

If you are still unable to locate scanpst.exe in Outlook 2013 then in such case you can download it from the official website of Microsoft according to your Outlook version. Well, in case if scanpst.exe fails to repair your damaged Pst then the in such sitution youw will need to make use of a relaible third party PST Repair Software. It is very effective and successful in any case of corruption. It is applicable for all corruptions no matter whether its a minor or severe. It scans your Outlook more deeply for corruption, identify the problem and remove it completely from your files. It perform all the task very easily on your fingertips. Therefore it is recommended to you use Outlook pst repair software to repair all type of pst corruptions.

Users Guide for PST Repair Software

Step 1:- Select corrupted Outlook PST files from the known location which you want to repair and recover. If you don’t know the location of the corrupted PST files, you can use make search to search PST files from your computer.

Step 2:- Select Outlook Data using the location of your PST file which appears into text box. After selecting you have START button to start scanning process of PST files.

Step 3:- The progress bar will appear and indicates the scanning process. In order to stop scanning process you can use stop button at anytime whenever you want.

Step 4:- you can preview the recoverable all your mailbox items including email, contacts, tasks, journals, meeting requests and many more when once the scanning process will be completed.

Step 5:- Select the desired location where you want to save the recovered file. After recovering your PST files using ‘Save Recovered File’ button.

Step 6:- It will save recovered Outlook items at the specified location and the progress bar will show the file saving process.

Step 7:- When once the saving process will be complete, the dialog box will show the ‘Recovered File Size’ and ‘Destination path’ of the PST files.

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