If Inbox Repair Tool Fails – Use Alternative PST Repair Tool

PST or personal folder file is one of the vital component for any Outlook user and it is the central database used by the very application for organizing emails, notes, contacts and other items in a organized way allowing easy efficient usage of the same. If at any point of time, these file undergoes corruption or is corrupted or damaged in the process in any manner whatsoever may it be access to items stored within is restricted and this continues to be the case until & unless the file is repaired upon the existing issues rectified there off. Taking into account this very fact, users are advised to take regular backup of their PST file data items or troublesome issues may be faced thereupon.

Instances of corruption and like problems with PST file, thats a time turn acute trouble for users when no data backup is available with the users, also access to the items stored within the database is lost. To deal with these corruption issues of Outlook PST files, the inbuilt scanpst.exe utility is provided with it by default i.e. along with Outlook installation, the utility is installed in system within office Outlook folder. In any such case when Outlook encounters an issue, users are advised to run Inbox Repair Tool & get their files repaired at the immediate. However, things may not go the same in all instances and there could a case as such when this very program would fail to execute properly and fails in between giving fatal error messages. These signify of the tool associated issues and that the very program is not competent of fixing the damage that lies with the file.

When does Scanpst.exe Fail to Repair Damaged PST file –

Altogether, instances could be numerous when Inbox Repair Tool fails in the attempt of repairing damaged files and stops in between the process, on account of one of the following reasons as –

  • If the PST file size is more than 2 GB or say it crosses the 2GB limitation files could not be repaired
  • It fails to work in cases, when Outlook is generating unknown errors such as – 80040801
  • If the file is encrypted or say is password protected
  • If the corruption instance is a severe one
  • For issues other than minor file header corruption
  • If the case associates with that of deleted or lost emails & items of personal folder file
  • In cases of lost login file information, repair work could not be taken over
  • In certain cases the process may be delayed considerably which seems to hang or crash in between and these problems also indicate failure of the utility in repairing files
  • Some of the error remains undetected by the tool scanning, however Outlook keeps reporting issues time & again.

Problems & Errors Observed in Cases Inbox Repair Tool Fails to Fix PST –

  • The Inbox Repair Tool does not recognize the file xxxx.pst…
  • Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) hangs endlessly and does not perform the repair.
  • Internal errors were found in this file. They must be repaired for this file to work correctly”.
  • “An error has occurred which caused the scan to be stopped. No changes have been made to the scanned file.”

These and like issues not only shows the inability of the utility in fixing file existing damages, but also arise the need of an alternative equipped utility for repairing the damaged items from the personal folder. The easy & efficient solution to the same is that of using PST Repair Software. The very tool is meant to do exhaustive scanning of the files, in order to find file existing errors and eventually taking the appropriate steps out to fix files and make it properly accessible once again.

If this is the case with you and you have been in want of an easy advanced program to fix & restore personal folder items download the Free PST Repair Tool now here. Once it scans for the file, the preview of recovered items is shown to users and this is how recovery of those items is made easy of all. So, get the tool now to overcome the problem of PST file corruption & use it as required there once and for all.

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