How to Resolve Outlook Data File Error, Cyclic Redundancy Check & Repair PST?

About Data Error Cyclic Redundancy Check

Finding problems with PST file access & errors that accompanies is indicative of Personal folder file (.pst) corruption & issues alike that eventually blocks access to data & items customized within. This is likely to be followed by issues in performing every task in Outlook from sending/receiving emails to creating contacts, calendar, events & more. As situation as this results into inaccessibility of Outlook stored important data, this usually is not desired as serious loss in work may result from the same. MS Outlook inspite of being a reliable program for email & other data storage & management often come across unwanted erroneous situation on account of reasons such as – the file getting oversized, improper use, abrupt shutdown, virus infection, application bugs & more and all this eventually arises for the need of an equipped way out with the help of which the existing issues could be resolved and proper access to the file items could once again be accomplished.

One such issue that notifies of PST error is as discussed below, Outlook Data File Error that is generated in the attempt of opening Outlook data files which fails to function properly being corrupt or damaged in one or the other way. The error message that displays there in the cases reads as –

File path\filename.pst could not be accessed. Data error. Cyclic redundancy check.


Data error (cyclic redundancy check)

What Leads to Outlook Data File Error & how to fix it ?

This error is likely to be received in the process of downloading emails and any process as such which continues to display errors as such. This is when use of scanpst.exe, Inbox Repair Tool is recommended so as to do the needful for having the damaged files repaired. Yet, it is quite possible to end up with almost no fruitful result in majority of the instances when the corruption lying with the file is a severe one. For doing needful in all such cases, experts advise to go for the Outlook PST Repair Tool, which is an advanced & equipped program meant to scan & fix personal folder file items in easy & efficient way such that the file data remains intact. This owes as a result of read-only, exhaustive scanning algorithm of the tool that is capable of finding & fixing Outlook PST error, no mater howsoever severe may it be.

PST Repair Tool utilizes the most advanced algorithm for analyzing errors that lies with the file and this is what makes it capable of fixing any of the damage existing within. Once scanning has successfully been done, the problems are first of all reported to users and this is what makes it all easy for them to have the issues resolved & the data restored back in place.

So, if you have been finding Outlook Data File Errors have been Detected message while downloading emails in Outlook or so, get the problem fixed now with the aid of equipped Outlook PST Repair Tool.

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