Download free PST Repair tool to Fix Corrupted and damaged PST Files

Microsoft Outlook is an effective e-mail messaging system or e-mail platform that has been established to carry out the smooth and uninterrupted communication around the organizations and the network, and to execute the business work properly. As Microsoft Outlook is an e-mail messaging system, it stores messages, meeting schedules, calenders, journals, e-mails etc. in a table known as Personal Storage Table (PST). PST files maintains the off-line availability and are used to store archived items. PST file is limited to a fixed size (upto 2GB). These files are saved with .pst extension. However, your PST file may get corrupted or damaged due to some physical or logical reasons and you can lost all your important data stored into a PST file and the file becomes inaccessible. In that case, you need to repair your PST files. For this you have to take assistance of free pst repair tool.

Reasons for the corruption of a PST file:

  • Accidental deletion of the data stored into PST file.
  • Crossing of file size (2GB).
  • Virus or spyware attack.
  • Improperly shutdowns of the system.
  • Damage in the networking device. And number of other factors.

What happens when PST file gets corrupted:

As soon as your PST file gets corrupted, you will not be able to access your file, you lost all your important data such as calenders, meeting schedules, e-mails etc. When your PST file meets to corruption, you will receive some error messages like, can not find .pst file, the file xxxx.pst could not be found, Outlook.pst could not be found etc.

To overcome from the data loss situation and to recover your damaged, lost and corrupted stored in the PST file, you need go for a professional software which is free pst repair tool that will repair and recover your data of PST file.

Features of the PST Repair Tool:

  • Recovers all the deleted Outlook e-mails very efficiently.
  • Helps in fixing the minor or severe issues of PST corruption.
  • Repairs and Recovers PST files from all deletion and corruption mode.
  • Provides you the customization options to recover pst files.
  • Easy to Use with Quick Recovery of Pst files.
  • Compatible with all versions of MS Windows.

If you are suffering from the problem of data loss of the PST file, then go for the assistance. The software is highly recommended because it is very much effective in repairing and recovering all your important data stored in PST file including latest Outlook 2010. To see its working, and to recover your lost PST file, you can download the free PST Repair Tool from the web site for the free of cost that will allow you to repair your corrupted or damaged PST file effectively.

Step 1:
Select corrupted Outlook PST files from the known location which you want to repair and recover. If you don’t know the location of the corrupted PST files, you can use make search to search PST files from your computer.

Step 2:
Select Outlook Data using the location of your PST file which appears into text box. After selecting you have START button to start scanning process of PST files.

Step 3:
The progress bar will appear and indicates the scanning process. In order to stop scanning process you can use stop button at anytime whenever you want.

Step 4:
you can preview the recoverable all your mailbox items including email, contacts, tasks, journals, meeting requests and many more when once the scanning process will be completed.

Step 5:
Select the desired location where you want to save the recovered file. After recovering your PST files using ‘Save Recovered File’ button.

Step 6:
It will save recovered Outlook items at the specified location and the progress bar will show the file saving process.

Step 7:
When once the saving process will be complete, the dialog box will show the ‘Recovered File Size’ and ‘Destination path’ of the PST files.

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